qathet Community Justice

qathet Community Justice (qCJ) endeavors to restore relationships where conflict or crime has caused harm for an individual or community, and encourage the inclusion of all people through respectful communication. It represents a collaborative effort to engage in constructive and meaningful conversation, and develop effective responses to challenges faced by the community. This program also commits to educating the public about restorative justice approaches, the principles of diversity and inclusion, and to supporting its’ members to restore balance and harmony using these approaches.

qCJ is administered by PREP Community Programs. While the branding of qCJ has evolved throughout the years, the program has existed since 2004. The program is constantly evolving, with foundational roots in Texada Island Restorative Justice (TIRJ), Powell River Diversity Initiative (PRDI), and a variety of other groups. Since then, PREP and what is presently referred to as qCJ have provided consistent conflict resolution services, organized multiple training sessions each year, conducted workshops and forums, sponsored numerous diversity-related projects/community events, and created programs and films to encourage an inclusive community for all people.

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